“La Maddalena” archipelago is declared National Park of 1996 it’s recognized like a rare beauty place of particular nature,historic and cultural value.

The Archipelago takes its name by the the largest of the islands which is called La Maddalena, but it consists in another seven smaller islands and islets that run in the northeast coast of Sardegna, in the wide and beautiful sea between the "Bocche di Bonifacio" and the "Costa Smeralda

La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spread, Budelli, St. Mary, Razzoli plus a myriad of small islands situated in the most beautiful sea in the Mediterranean,and perhaps the world,form our Archipelago which is universally considered like a masterpiece of nature.

A trip to this corner of paradise will be an unforgettable experience, large and small islands, transparency, wind-sculpted rocks, with fine sand beaches, bays, creeks, ravines, deep blue to discover and shallows where the visit reflected ... ... ' Maddalena Archipelago is like a journey into a fantasy world!

Photos by Mauro Coppadoro



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